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Indigo Blue – El Salvador

Country journey
This 8-day tour is the perfect combination of cities, highlands, volcanoes, art, history and is packed with exciting excursions.
We set off exploring the capital, visiting many interesting sites such as the anthropology museum and the surprising Rosario Church, a piece of art built using scrap material! Surrounded by some of the most active volcanoes there are great viewpoints near San Salvador and we will walk around the rim of one of the dormant craters.
Santa Ana has one of the most beautiful Cathedrals towering over this small towns plaza with its famous theatre and the nearby Mayan ruins of Tazumal.  As we explore this archaeological site we will be guided by one of the locals who helped to excavate.
We travel the Ruta de Flores and stay in one of its quaint towns named Ataco. Cobblestone streets and bright coloured murals make this town probably the most colourful in Central America. On the Ruta de Flores we will learn all about the local produce the villages on the route are known for, with coffee as the main crop. We visit the plantations and learn about the process of making a top quality brew.
Joya de Ceren is also called the Pompei of the Maya World. What seems to have been a humble town in the Maya Classic Period, was destroyed by layers of Lava, thus conserving a vast amount of structures which are now in process of excavation. An absolute unique insight in smaller town life in Mayan times.
We drive to Suchitoto, another gem on our route. This now tranquil town under the Volcano Guazapa is packed with stories of an interesting and sometimes turbulent history. We will meet those who were part of the guerrilla during the civil war in the ’80s, visiting the Forest of Cinquera. We visit the 73 yr. young lady in her house where she has spent her whole life making cigars!
With such a great location right on the lake of Suchitlan we cannot but spend a few nights here enjoying its splendid views. Thousands of birds appear early morning and at sunset. A boat tour gives us the best sunsets El Salvador is famous for.
Itinerary summarized
day 1 – San Salvador arrival
day 2 – San Salvador City tour, Boqueron Volcano walk
day 3 – Santa Ana, City walk and visit Tazumal Archaeological Site
day 4 – Ataco, village walk including marmelade fruits tour and coffee cupping
day 5 – Via Joya de Ceren Archaeological site to Suchitoto
day 6 – Suchitoto, history tour and boat excursion on birdlake
day 7 – Suchitoto, early morning birdwatching by kayak/walk, Salvadoran civil war history excursion, hike Cinquera forest.
day 8 – transfer to Airport San Salvador, departure flight
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July 2019 / August 2019
Countries: El Salvador
Transport: Private     Group numbers: min.02 max 08     Included excursions: 10     Hotels: ***/****
starting point

San Salvador


8 days/7 nights


£1300 pp

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