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Guatemala Tailor Made Trips

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Truly one of the most colourful countries Guatemala belongs to our top destinations. Nicknamed the Land of the Eternal spring its landscapes will stun you from the day you set foot. Smoking volcanoes, azure coloured lakes waterfalls and cascades, dense jungle, steep mountains and deep fertile valleys, Guatemala is truly a magical place.  
Antigua once the capital of the country is one of its highlights, and we think it is a great starting point for your exploration of the country. With its cobblestone streets, colourful colonial houses, it´s one of the most picturesque cities. Damaged by earthquakes in the 17th century Antigua was left in ruins, and wandering the remnants is a must.
Throughout the country the different indigenous cultures are present. The Western Highlands with its Volcanic character is mainly agricultural and called ´the garden of Central America. Any day one will encounter the natives in their most elaborate traditional clothing trading their produce in the local markets or working the fertile lands.
In the Peten area over 4000 Mayan structures lie unexcavated, others are towering high over the dense jungle, offering splendid views. You can visit ancient sites like the famous city of Tikal, the main player in the time of the Mayan Empire. Wade through the rainforest or take a horseback on a true expedition to lesser visited sites like Nahum, Yax-Ha or el Mirador. Whichever way you want to take it, with so many archaeological sites there is a lifetime of places to explore.
The Rio Dulce or sweet river is another highlight not to be missed. A 30 km jungle safari trip takes you to the Caribbean village of Livingston where different cultures of Maya and African descendants live together creating a truly interesting scene. The music, dance, gastronomy and handicraft of this place is like nowhere else and makes it a unique part of your itinerary.
The Pacific coast has some fantastic fishing opportunities. We have our private island where your party can do anything from fishing, water sports, yoga retreats or simply relaxing in your secluded eco resort. 
Guatemala can be visited any time of year but September/October there are bigger chances of heavy rainfall. Road travel, as well as internal flights, can be booked and itineraries can be made for layover tours, to longer journeys, and be combined with other countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Belize and Honduras.

Short Trips/ Activities



Dip in Semuc Champey water cascades



Hike an active volcano



Visit a Mayan God



A – Guatemala City

B – Semuc Champey

C – Antigua

D – Rio Dulce

E – Livingston

F – Quirigua

G – Flores

H – Tikal

I – Panajachel

J – Chichicastenango

K – Nebaj

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