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who we are 

Our Cultures, Characters
and Colours

Founded by Jessica Gerlinde in Mexico City, Colours of Latin America was designed and developed with a rather unique vision in mind—a tour company that would always remain small, led and staffed by an intimate network of professionals, all of whom live in Latin America and have spent their lives here.

With decades of experience providing all manner of tours throughout Central and South America, Jessica was able to handpick her ideal team of tour guides—a wide network of trusted friends and colleagues, all with unique knowledge and insights that can only be gained by a lifetime of experiences living in and traveling Latin America.

The result is a small company dedicated to Central America tours unlike any otherspecialized, personal and led by those intimately familiar with the cultures, characters and colours that make your experience uniquely your own.

To truly experience Latin America travel is to become a part of it. We know the landscape and wildlife like the back of our hand, and we call the locals by name—after all, they’re our friends and family!

We know all the nooks and crannies that make life here so fascinating—local food and drink from amazing cooks, small shops with unique wares, and the friendliest people with the most incredible stories.

At Colours of Latin America, we aren’t just giving you a tour—we’re showing you our home.

Meet our Team

Jessica Gerlinde


Francisco Javier

Tour Guide

Juan Pablo

Tour Guide


Tour Guide

Rodolfo (Fito)

Tour Guide


Local Operator Costa Rica


Tour Guide


Local Operator


Tour Guide


Tour Guide


Local Operator


Office Manager

We had a wonderful day with Monique today. Very memorable, especially the floating. Mum and Dad particularly liked the birds. We saw howler monkeys too!

Monique was really knowledgeable, like all Dutch guides 😉

Frida HulseThank you for all your fantastic help and advice...

Jessica was a fantastic guide - she clearly enjoyed sharing her love of all things Mexican, whether explaining the gory details of what happened as a result of the ball game played in the ancient cities we visited or translating what tasty local food was, and she anticipated travellers´needs in advance of any requests. Our trip with her ran smoothly thanks to her forward planning. She did her best to ensure that a variety of interests from various travellers of different ages within our group were catered for, including spotting unusual birds and alerting us to whirling street dancers who balanced bottles on their heads as they span round in circles.

We had a very memorable holiday with her and she´s a wonderful ambassador for Mexico as she has so much zest for the country.

Aurelie CharlotteWe had a very memorable holiday with her...