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Terms and conditions Colours of Latin America

These Booking Conditions apply to the person making the booking and all other persons on whose behalf the booking is made. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

They apply to all bookings made through Colours of Latin America, who is acting as agent on behalf of all of the suppliers (including airlines, tour and cruise operators, car hirers and accommodation providers) in your booking.

The person making the booking must be at least 18 years of age and must be authorised to make the booking on behalf of the members of the party. The person making the booking must also provide a copy of these booking conditions to the other members of the party.

Colours of Latin America specializes in the preparation of your vacation in Latin America. Colours of Latin America acts as a designer of your travel program and organizing it by reservation of the different services with the local suppliers (transportation and/or accommodation and/or excursions and/or alimentation and/or tour leaders/guides).


Itinerary Design

Colours of Latin America will upon request send a written proposal to the client. After the approval of this proposal by the client and his expressed willingness to start our reservations, Colours of Latin America will make the corresponding reservations. Important is that that client knows that all services named in the proposal are subject to availability. In case that the itinerary must be changed and in the case that this change will modify the price of the package named in the proposal, Colours of Latin America will inform the client and proceed with the bookings after approval of the client.



It is not possible to give a guarantee on availability of the services mentioned in the proposal, but it is always best to make reservations at least six months in advance especially if you plan your trip during high season (December-March and July-August). Colours of Latin America will have sent the full confirmed itinerary before the payment is made.



Payments are accepted by credit cards via PayPal and we charge 3% payment processing fees. Payments are also accepted by wire transfers to our bank account in Mexico, UK or the Netherlands without any costs. Colours of Latin America will provide all the information if the client prefers to pay this way. In this case the client has to send a copy of the receipt by e-mail.

Down payment of ¼ of the total sum is due to be paid at the time of booking. The remaining ¾ of the sum needs to be paid in full a month before the start of the tour. If the departure date is within a month, the total sum is due to be paid at the time of booking.




Cancellation and Refund

For bookings made within 31 days prior to arrival no refunding is possible in the case of cancellation.

For bookings made 31 or more days prior to arrival the following cancelation politics apply: Cancellations must be received by email a minimum of 30 days prior to arrival. In such cases, a handling charge of $200.00 will be applied, in addition to any hotel guarantee and services already prepaid.

If you cancel after making the balance of payment, that portion is refundable according to the following conditions:

For cancellations received 30 days prior to arrival, 75% of the total amount.

For cancellations received 29 to 15 days prior to arrival, 50% of the total amount.

If the passenger cancels 14 to 0 day prior to arrival, no refunds are made.

Any additional expenses, if any, shall be borne by the passenger(s). However, once the tour departs, no refund can be made for any feature of the program not used by the passenger(s) during course of the tour.



You are contracting with the suppliers, whose terms and conditions apply to your booking. Copies of those terms and conditions are available upon request. These booking conditions govern your relationship with Colours of Latin America.

Colours of Latin America acts only as agent for the passenger in regard to travel, whether by road, railroad, boat, airplane, helicopter or horse and assumes no liability for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect in any vehicle or for any reason whatsoever or through the act of default of any hotel, carrier, boat, restaurant, company or person, included on the trip, or any other circumstances beyond its direct control.

Colours of Latin America will not refund those who by their own decision/ responsibility or negligence decide not to use some or any of the services included in their program and, if this modification(s) implicate any extra fee, the client(s) should cover it. Colours of Latin America has the right to modify the original itinerary due to circumstances out of its control. Colours of Latin America and or its agents can accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to the delay or changes in air schedules, theft, loss of (or damage to) baggage or any article belonging to the passengers, sickness, personal health, injuries, death, weather conditions, strikes, fires, explosion, earthquakes, floods, epidemics, conditions of trails, river levels, road conditions, transportation delays, wars, accidents, chance, force majeure or other causes. All such losses or expenses will have to be borne by the passenger, as tour rates provide for arrangements only for the time stated. Many of the activities could be physically challenging. Every passenger has to check the level of difficulty rating. Colours of Latin America is pleased to advice on this issue; it is the passenger’s responsibility to judge the appropriateness of these travel activities according to his/her physical capabilities and release Colours of Latin America of any responsibility. It is the responsibility of the passenger to be in appropriate physical health to undertake the booked journey and participate in tours of any kind.


Travel documents

Colours of Latin America will provide the vouchers for hotels and services 30 days before the start of the tour and will send out all travel preparation information as well at this day. Colours of Latin America provides assistance for the travellers before, during and after their travels.


Colours of Latin America


Full name of the company: COLOURS OF LATIN AMERICA

Chamber of commerce: 75801809


Telephone: (52) 5565248545

Owner and legal responsable: JESSICA GERLINDE DE GIER